How to Choose Fresh Foods in Spring

Here are some tips how to choose fresh foods in Spring.

How to Determine if Your Food is Ripe

Look for vibrant color, as a dull color signals unripe or wilting food. Make sure that any food you pick up is not soft and mushy−this means it’s bruised, and while this isn’t bad for you, it won’t taste so great. Too firm, on the other hand, is also not good. This means the food isn’t ripe, and this affects both the taste and the nutrient content.

Choosing the Perfect Fruit

Even foods that are in season have their bad days, so look carefully when selecting. A good way to determine if your fruits are in tip-top shape is to gently squeeze them, making sure the skin is pliable, but not mushy. You can skip over ones with brown patches−that’s a bruise. Make sure that the skin doesn’t look pinched or wrinkled either; this means the fruit is drying out, and won’t be as juicy as it could be.

Choosing Healthy Leafy Foods

Leafy foods should be a bright green, and not dull-colored with a whitish caste to them. This would mean they are drying out, and the texture won’t be as firm/crunchy as it should be when cooked. Greens with wilted leaves won’t have as good a texture either, and again, the nutrient content will not be as high as with something fresher.

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