Spring Party Ideas: Flower/Garden Party

It’s time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and celebrate spring holidays. There are fresh blooms all around. The flower theme is a good way to celebrate the spring season! Bring nature into your spring party decorating ideas. Take advantage of the brightness and crispness of spring. Surrounded by a patch of huge paper blooms, the girls have a blast decorating T-shirts with thumbprint flowers, snacking on yummy cupcake bouquets, and making their own tissue paper corsages. It’s guaranteed that all your guests will have a bloomin’ good time.


Start with a wonderful invitation to set the tone immediately for all guests who receive them. These blossoms open up one petal at a time, presenting pertinent birthday party details to your invitees.

Create a flower shaped invitation using cardstock and some splashes of color. Cut out a shape of the flower as the background and then either use markers to draw up beautiful colors, or even tissue paper to give the illusion of a flower.
How to Make flower Shaped Invitation Cards

Method 1:

Materials Needed:

1 sheet of card stock
Small piece of card stock in a different color
Hole punch
Paper fastener
Petal Template


To make one, cut 4-inch-long petal shapes from the large piece of card stock and cut a 1 1/2-inch-diameter circle from the smaller piece (or print a template). Punch a hole in the narrow end of each petal and again in the center of the circle. Stack the petals and place the circle on top, lining up the holes, then secure them together with a paper fastener. Open up the flower and use a marker to write party details on the petals. Note: this invitation may require additional postage if sent through the mail.
Method 2:

Have a spray mount for affixing 2 papers of different patterns but of the same size, back to back. Then take the paper and crease it in half. Then get a copy of the template related to flowers and spring. Reduce or increase the size to the desired size. After that unfold your homemade card or a bought card and then place the wordings or the template in the middle of the crease. Further, trace half of the flower in pencil on half of the card and then cut the fold. Cut out the half flower after that. This will make for a fabulous and innovative spring party invitation.
Flower Party Decorations:

Having decorations with colorful flowers. To add to the mood, have a good old fashioned punch bowl with a popular and colorful drink. Let the guests pour themselves and for their partners a drink. A small flower arrangement hanging from the ceiling will serve as a spring mistletoe. Finally, have a dance floor with some nice dance music.

Choose colors based on nature, such as: greens, pinks, purples, etc. Try to choose a light, yet bright color scheme. Some more unique colors to try for spring are: lemon yellow and pea green or raspberry and soft turquoise. Let your creativity flow. Spring is the perfect time to try new arrangements of colors.

A green tablecloth is a great foundation for your spring table. Try adding in some yellow plates with green cups. Make flowers out of red napkins. Add in daffodils for the centerpiece. A fun touch is to add in some light up glassware.

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