Weight-Loss Lean Protein Menu


·Turkey Sausage, scrambled egg substitute and whole grain toast.

·Whole grain min bagel with a light layer of peanut butter.

·Whole grain English muffin with egg substitute reduced fat cheese and turkey bacon.


·Grilled chicken salad.

·Tuna salad or tuna on whole grain bread.

·A small amount of reduced fat cheese with fruit and whole grain crackers.

·Reduced fat cottage cheese and fruit platter.


·Grilled chicken breast with sweet potato and veggies.

·Lean turkey meatballs over whole-wheat spaghetti with marinara sauce.

·White chicken chili with a side salad.

·Lean pork chops, brown rice and veggies.


·Cottage cheese and peaches.

·String cheese with an apple.

·Sliced turkey rolled in lettuce.

·A dab of peanut butter on celery.

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